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2016-17 Directory (pdf) [Note: Adjunct faculty contact information is listed on the GCC online directory.]

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LABADZHYAN, GAGIK Physical Science Division, Chemistry
LAGUNA, STEVE SF 120-E Social Sciences Division, Political Science
LAKE, MATTHEW Visual & Performing Arts Division, Music
LANGON, JANETSF 100-M ESL Credit Division ext. 5714
LANTZ, CONNIESF 101Online, Distance Education, Instructional Technology ext. 3458
LAO, FAYECulinary Arts, Nutrition, and Hospitality & Tourism, Hospitality & Tourism Mgt (see Culinary) ext. 3143
LAPSHINOVA, KLARISAGarfield Campus MP 211 Noncredit Business & Life Skills Division, Continuing Education, Developmental Skills Lab ext. 5068
LAVERTU, SUZANNESG 319 Mathematics Division, Mathematics ext. 5695
LEAVER, DARRENSR 361 and AD 145 Social Sciences Division, Geography, Study Abroad ext. 5718
LECUYER, JEANCS 179 Physical Science Division, Physics, Science Center ext. 5358
LEDGERWOOD, SHELBYCommunity Services Education
LEE, ELISSG 226 ESL Credit Division ext. 5500
LEE, HELEN Business Division, Business Administration
LEE, JOO Mathematics Division, Mathematics
LEE, ROGER Visual & Performing Arts Division, Ceramics
LEE, SAM Visual & Performing Arts Division, Photography
LEE, SAMUEL Social Sciences Division, Economics
LELAND, JOHNCS 263 Physical Science Division, Geology ext. 5794
LELIKYAN, ARMENUIGarfield Campus Noncredit Business & Life Skills Division, Continuing Education
LELIKYAN, MARIGarfield Campus MP 309Computer Labs - Garfield Campus, Continuing Education ext. 5092
LENCKI, SHARONAA 106 Technology & Aviation Division, Aviation ext. 5547
LEON, ALEXVG 110-D Kinesiology Division, Athletics ext. 5764
LEONG - BRATTAIN, DENISESR 236 Student Services Division, Career Center, Counseling (Academic) ext. 5423
LERNER, ADINALB 324 Student Services Division, Library ext. 3379
LEUNG, RICHMONDLB 323Library ext. 5872
LEVATTER, TED Language Arts Division, Speech ext. 5527
LEVINE, DEBORAH Physical Science Division, Astronomy
LEVY, ELIJAH Social Sciences Division, Psychology
LEYVA, VICTORHS 222Facilities ext. 6614