Media Arts

Professional applications such as Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Pro Tools and the new Adobe CS5, are featured in our Mac Lab, along with new iMacs.

The Media Arts Program offers certification and training, including hands-on experience in digital video production, digital audio recording and editing, DVD authoring, and digital post-production. Other courses include the Adobe CS5 suite, particularly Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Not only do we have great courses, but we offer great material right at your finger tips. A large CD library from Killer Tracks (NetworkMusic) that has music and sound effects, and even a DVD series from the Editor's Tool Kit collection.

Click on the name of the Professor of Media Arts for a short Bio:

John Michael Petros
Associate Professor of Media Arts
(818) 240-1000  ext. 5677
Room SG 335

Ryun Hovind
Media Arts Lab Instructional Technician
Adjunct Professor of Media Arts
(818) 240-1000  ext. 5610
Room SG 328

Michael Pitts
Adjunct Professor of Media Arts
(818) 240-1000  ext. 1356

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