Journey Ed - is your source for software, hardware and accessory items.

College Software - Purchase Student discounted Microsoft software here, just click and follow the onscreen instructions.

Spamnix - Eudora users: PC or MAC Spamnix is the leading spam - blocking solution for Qualcomm Eudora on Windows and Mac OS X,
EUDORA - Download Eudora
EUDORA Eudora E-Mail Software

Glendale College Bookstore - Glendale College Bookstore online is  your place for official Glendale College textbooks, gear and supplies. Buy or sell used and new textbooks, find official Glendale Community College gear, and purchase software and gifts - all onlie. Learn more about our store and our promise of high quality and excellent service.

Refdesk - Mission statement, Introduction and tour of refdesk
REFDESK - Welcome to refdesk "The single best source for facts on the Net"

Font Lab - Tools for font design, font conversion and font editing
Our website for fine typography contains the resources to do almost anything you want with digital type.
Please browse through our font utilities, inspect our type tools: download working demos or trial versions: visit the bookshop: make suggestions, use our font finder page to identify an elusive typeface, or link to other typography resources. If you're looking for a font creator, font editor or font converter, this is the place.

Smart Draw - Only SmartDraw draws for you. select a template, input your information, and SmartDraw does the rest - aligning everything automatically and applying professional design themes for professional-quality results everytime.
SmartDraw - Purchase SmartDraw






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