Department Program Information
Admissions & Records

All students must file an application for admissions to Glendale Community College. You will be asked to give us information about yourself so that we can help you with the kinds of services needed to help you complete your goals and objectives. Federal or state law, or college policies require some of this information. Other information will help the college in deciding whether you need to be sent to our Orientation and Assessment programs. Services available in the Admissions office are:

  • Enrollment verification
  • Ask for a transcript
  • Update your records - Change Address, Change Name, etc.
  • Hand in official transcripts from high school, other colleges or universities
  • Hand in petitions

Location:AD 143
 (818) 240-1000  x5901 

Center for Students with Disabilities Serves students with verified physical, learning, communication, visual and hearing disabilities as well as significant health impairments

Eligibility Requirements: Verification of disability.
Location: SR 208 
 (818) 240-1000    x5905

EOPS College Orientation classes, counseling, study lists, book vouchers, priority registration, probation classes, priority tutoring, transfer application fee waivers, special workshops, and grants

Eligibility Requirements: California residency; qualify for Board of Governors waiver “A or B”; have completed less than 30 units; demonstrate financial need (FAFSA); educationally disadvantaged; 2.00 GPA or higher; and full-time student (12 or more units)

Location: EOPS Annex
 (818) 240-1000    x6900

Financial Aid Office BOG: Waives $46/unit enrollment fee; students on public assistance also receive 50% discount on parking and health fee

Eligibility Requirements: Based on income or financial need and must be California resident and citizen or documented immigrant

Federal Student Loan Program: Loans up to $3500 for freshmen and $4500 for sophomores. Independent students may qualify for an additional $4000. Parents of dependent students may borrow up to $8000, depending on remaining need of student

Eligibility Requirements:
- File the 2014-2015 FAFSA form
- Attend a loan entrance workshop
- Be enrolled in at least 6 units and meet financial aid eligibility requirements

Federal & State Grants (Pell, SEOG, ACG, Cal Grant)—May provide up to $6000 in total additional funds for educational and living expenses, depending on eligibility and need

Federal Work Study— Part-time job on campus (if awarded Work-Study, contact the Job Placement Office for available positions)

Eligibility Requirements:
- File 2007-2008 FAFSA form
- Have calculated financial need that meets specific program eligibility
- Meet federal and state eligibility requirements

Chafee Grant—$5000 in grant assistance for Foster Youth

Eligibility Requirements: Student must have been in a foster youth program and complete application form; Contact Maria Rhoades,    (818) 2...  x3240

Location: SF110 
 (818) 240-1000    x5916

Health Center The Health Center provides services in general physical and mental health prevention, treatment and education. All Health Center services are confidential.(Specific legal exceptions do exist).
Location: SR 131
(818) 240-1000  x5189
Emergencies: x4000
Job Placement Center Part-time work-study and internships
Location: SR 2nd Floor
(818) 240-1000  x5194
Learning Center The Learning Center provides currently enrolled students with free tutoring in most subjects. Appointments are available for tutoring in math or writing. Tutoring in other subjects is arranged by Learning Center staff. Tutors are students who have been recommended by their instructors and have completed a tutor training course.

Location: AD 232
(818) 240-1000  x5333 or x5328

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