Information Competency as Part of the GCC Accreditation Document

  • Chancellor’s office has a resolution to create a mandate requiring information competency instruction for all California community colleges.

    California Community College Academic Senate resolution to create an information competency requirement in all CA community colleges
  • In the future, CSU and UCs may consider the addition of an information competency requirement, which could include having students pass an assessment test in their junior year.

    In order to meet the possible addition of information competency to CSU and UC transfer requirements, GCC, like other California community colleges, should be prepared to offer equivalent and systematic information competency instruction to all its students.

*From the 2001 RAC Task Force Final Report

RAC Models for Implementing Information Competency Instruction

  • Stand-Alone Classes whose main goal is to teach information competency skills.  Example: LB 191 paired courses

  • Selected Infusion Model: The adaptation of some selected classes (not originally devoted solely to teaching information competency) so that those classes include information competency instruction.

  • General Infusion Model: Requires all classes to incorporate information competency instruction at some level.

    *Combination of all three models also a consideration.


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