Glendale Community College shall confer the degree of Associate of Arts or Associate of Science upon a student who has satisfactorily completed all of the requirements for graduation.

A student may receive only one A.S. and one A.A. degree. The Associate degree is granted to persons who file a Petition for Graduation in the Office of Admissions and Records, who are not on academic probation, and who have completed a minimum of 12 of the last 18 semester units of the required college curriculum of 60 degree applicable semester units at Glendale Community College.

Education toward the granting of AA/AS degree(s) is provided in accordance with approved graduation requirements. General education and major (or area of emphasis) coursework form the core of the required curriculum, the balance being electives.


Accounting AS
Administration of Justice AS-T
Administration of Justice AS
Alcohol/Drug Studies Specialist AS
Animation AS
Anthropology AA-T
Architectural Drafting and Design AS
     Two-dimensional AS
     Three-dimensional AS
Art History AA-T
Arts and Humanities (Area of Emphasis) AA
Aviation and Transportation
     Aviation Administration AS
     Pilot Training AS
Biological Science AA
Bookkeeping AS
Business Administration AS-T
Business Administration AA
Business Administration
     Financial Planning and Investment AS
     General Business AS
     International Business AS
     Entrepreneurship/Small Business AS
Ceramics AS
Child Development
     Infant/Toddler AS
     Teacher (Preschool) AS
     School-Age Care AS
     Master Teacher AS
     Site Supervisor AS
Choreographic Studies and Dance Technique AS
Choreographic Studies and Dance Techniques AA
Communication Studies AA-T
Computer Applications/Business Office Technologies (CABOT)
     Administrative Assistant AS
     General Office AS
     Legal Secretary AS
Computer Numerical Control Technician AS
Computer Science AS
Computer Software Technician AS
Culinary, Nutrition, and Hospitality Management Program
     Dietary Service Supervisor AS
     Restaurant Management AS
Dance Teaching AS
Electronics & Computer Technology - Electronics Technology Technician AS
Engineering Electro/Mechanical Design AS
English AA-T
English AA
Fire Technology AS
Foreign Language AA
Geography AA-T
Health Science AA
History AA-T
Insurance Specialist: Property & Casualty AS
Interdisciplinary Humanities AA
Journalism AA-T
Kinesiology AA-T
Machine and Manufacturing Technology
     Machinist AS
Management AS
Marketing AS
Mass Communications AA
Mass Communications AS
Mathematics AA
Mathematics AS-T
Medical Administrative Services
     Medical Front Office AS
Music AA
Music AS
     Generic Associate Degree Nursing AS
     Career Ladder     AS
Philosophy AA-T
Photography AS
Physical Science AA
Physics AS-T
Political Science AA-T
Psychology AA-T
Real Estate Appraisal AS
Real Estate Broker AS
Science and Mathematics (Areas of Emphasis) AA
Social and Behavioral Sciences (Areas of Emphasis) AA
Social Sciences AA
Sociology AA-T
Spanish AA-T
Speech/Communication AA
Studio Arts AA-T
Technical Theatre AS
Television Production
     Corporate Television Option AS
     Mass Media Option AS
     Videography Option AS
Theatre Arts AA
Theatre Arts AA-T
Visual Arts AA
Web Development AS
Welding, Occupational (Combination Welder) AS

GCC Catalog 2014-2015

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