For Staff & Faculty Only

Glendale Community College is committed to providing a safe and productive educational environment.

All GCC Employees are required, by law, to complete specific training and and conduct themselves in accordance with state guidelines and responsibilities.

To assure fulfillment of the GCC commitment and laws, the following training is provided for GCC employees.

All training listed qualifies for Faculty Flex. Classified staff members will be provided time upon arrangement with their supervisor during their work hours to complete the training. Records of training will be maintained by GCC Human Resources and used solely for the purpose of assessing the number of employees availing themselves of these training opportunities provided and in the event of audit by state and federal officials.

Federal Title IX/Violence Against Women (VAWA) Training
All employees must be trained on identifying sexual misconduct, confidentiality, and informing students of protections and grievance procedures.
Federal Violence Against Women Act Training
All employees (and incoming students) are required to receive training related to prevention and awareness of sexual assault, rape, acquaintance rape, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. Training >> (Requires GCC username and password)

Employees serving on the GCC Judicial Board
must be trained on remedies and resources available. Training >>
Harassment Prevention Training  (CA Fair Employment and Housing Act)
Supervising employees, defined as any employee with authority to hire, transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, promote, discharge, assign, direct reward, discipline other employees, resolve employee grievances, or recommend such action must receive harassment prevention training. (Faculty members that provide assignments and direction to student workers, lab technicians, and administrative assistants are considered supervisors under this law.)

Training must occur within six month of appointment and at least every two years thereafter. Training >>
Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act Training (CA Penal Code section 11165.7)
It is recommended all employees who are considered “mandatory reporters” be trained on their obligations under CANRA. Mandatory reporters have been defined as all faculty members and other employees. Training >>
Federal Clery Act Training
Employees with responsibility for student and campus activities (including coaches, student club advisors), college police, and non-police security staff members must be trained on the Act’s reporting requirements. Training >> (Requires GCC username and password)
Investigation and Adjudication Training  (CA Education Code Section 67386(b)(12))
Employees with responsibility to investigate and adjudicate sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking cases must be trained. Training >>
Equal Employment Opportunity Training  (CA Title 5, section 5300 et seq.)
Employees who participate in employment screening or selection committees must be trained on equal employment opportunities requirements and on state and federal nondiscrimination laws. Training >> PPT
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