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Student Positions
Police Cadet:
A Police Cadet assigned to the Patrol Division will most likely be involved in uniformed campus patrol and will be required to complete a comprehensive training program. Patrol cadets issue parking citations and assist police officers in emergency response. Police cadets write official police reports of incidents on campus. This position requires working long periods of time while standing or walking in various environments. A dedicated and team spirited person who aspires to become an above average police officer and wants to build leadership skills is an ideal candidate for this position.

Student Police Assistant II:
A position assigned to the Parking Division which involves uniformed patrol of campus lots and issuing parking citations to vehicles parked in violation to State or College regulations. This position requires working long periods of time while standing or walking in various environments.

Cadet and flag saluteStudent Police Assistant I:
A position in the Communication and Records Division which involves answering phones and dispatching calls as a relief to full-time employees, mail delivery, working the front counter. Student Police Assistants also enter data and process law enforcement related forms and records. This is a uniformed position and requires working long periods of time while standing or sitting in an office environment and use of technology.

The Hiring Process:

1) Written Test (pass/fail)
The written test is designed to evaluate your skills in the areas of reading comprehension, writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation and analytical thinking.

2) Interview & Oral Exam (weighted 100 %)
After passing the written test you will be required to pass an Oral exam during your interview. A panel will perform the interview and exam, you will be rated on the following:
A) Overall responses to questions.
B) Work habits/history
C) Education/Self improvement efforts
D) Law abiding behavior
E) Presentation
F) And the ability to:

Follow orders, interpret and enforce college rules and regulations with firmness, tact and impartiality; able to control, direct and instruct persons in a respectable manner; think and act quickly in an emergency; prepare accurate and objective written reports; analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.

Cadet and police car3) Background Investigation
After passing the written and oral exams, you must pass an extensive background investigation. Failure to provide the necessary documents will be cause for removal from the selection process. The investigation is conducted to determine if the candidate is suitable and of good moral character to assume the duties and responsibilities of a police cadet. Information for the investigation is gathered from your employment history, military experience, educational background, history as a law abiding citizen (including contacts with law enforcement personnel, detentions, arrests, convictions, etc.), motor vehicle operation records, and other contacts.

4) Selection
After passing the background investigation you will be notified by mail and/or phone whether your application has been accepted or not, if accepted you will be instructed further, if not accepted you may apply 6 months after the date you were notified that your application would not be processed further.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or a Permanent Resident Alien eligible for a U.S. Citizenship.
  • Persons CONVICTED of a FELONY are not eligible to apply.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Possess a valid California Drivers License.
  • You must have completed High school and be enrolled at an accredited college or university with at least a 2.0 GPA.
  • You must have a history of law-abiding behavior.
  • Must be eligible for English 101.  

Pay Scale
Pay Scale Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Student Assistant I $8.00 $8.25 $8.50
Student Assistant II $9.00 $9.25 $9.50
Police Cadet $10.61 $10.86 $11.11
Police Sr. Cadet $11.62 $11.87 $12.12
Police Cadet Corporal $13.13 $13.38 $13.64
Police Cadet Sr. Corporal $14.65  $14.90 $15.15

Hours Vary

Special Characteristics
Emotional maturity and stability; satisfactory record of law abiding behavior; sobriety; leadership ability; tact; good personal and social adjustment enabling you to work in a multi cultural environment; neat personal appearance; courage; alertness; willingness to work morning, day, evenings, weekends, and holiday, and to report to duty at any time emergencies arise. Candidates must also have integrity, dependability, good judgment, and the ability to work cooperatively with others.


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