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1. Download the VOCCAB .  Bring it to your ELIGIBILITY OR WELFARE WORKER for completion. 

2. Download the GCC CalWORKs Application.  Complete it yourself online and print it. 

3.  Apply to GCC. 

4. Sign up for an Assessment Test

  • If plan to attend the GCC Main Campus, sign up for an Assessment Test here
  • If you plan to take ESL at the Garfield Campus, go to the ESL Office on the 2nd Floor of the Garfield Tropico Building.
  • If you are a Garfield Campus Office Clerk or Accounting student, you do not need an assessment test. 

5.  Ask your GAIN or REP Worker for the following*:

  • GN 6006 for Remedial or Vocational Education
  • GN 6014, Assessment Results
  • WTW2, Welfare-to-Work Plan

* If you are SIPP, you will not need all of these at the time you enroll.  SIPPs need only a GN 6005A. 

6.  Read the CalWORKs Secrets to Success Handbook.  Take and print the quiz at the end of the Handbook

7.  When you have completed steps 1-6, bring all of your documents to our office.  

  • If you are attending the GCC Main Campus, go to SF 114.
  • If you are attending the GCC Garfield Campus, go to Tropico, 3rd Floor

8.  Also bring your Driver's Licence, California ID, or Passport and your Social Security Number. 

9.  If the the GN 6006 that your GAIN Worker gives you says "Vocational Education" on the first page, or if you are a SIPP, then make an appointment to see your case manager the first time you come to our office.  Your case manager's name and contact information can be found here

We understand that enrolling in college can be intimidating and frustrating.  If you need help or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (818) 240-1000, extension 5681 for the Garfield Campus, or extension 5508 for the Main Campus.  (Not sure which campus?  Call either extension and someone will help you.) 

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