Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Program learning outcomes are defined in terms of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that students have attained as a result of their involvement in a particular program, degree, certificate or series of learning activities leading to mastery.

For Learning Outcomes purposes, the definition of a Program is as follows:

A program is any area that currently conducts Program Reviews. These areas are directly related to the core competencies, college operations and non-academic services. Programs that should have written learning outcomes are:

  • AA-T/AS-T degree
  • DegreesCertificated programs
  • ALL Programs (cohesive set of courses) vocational and general education
  • Divisional/Departmental
  • Student Services Programs (SSPLOs)
  • Administrative Services (AOs)
  • Anyone seeking resources (program review)
  • Proposed Programs

Each of these programs would measure themselves against Institutional Learning Outcomes and analyze and make plans within their collective programs.

These programs are required to conduct ongoing cyclical processes every three years, leading to purposeful innovations to improve teaching, learning, and student success. Assessing more than one PLO at a tie is strongly recommended.


Last updated: 9/23/2014 8:54:30 PM