All full-time and adjunct instructors are required to assess and report SLOs. All courses and programs need to be assessed by November 2013, and on a continuous, regular cycle. Click here for more information.


What Do I Need to Do to Submit Course SLOs?

If you are a faculty member teaching a course, please follow these steps:


Step 1. Assess the SLOs Defined for Your Courses

You should already be familiar with your course SLOs because they are required to be on your syllabus (see the Academic Senate policy called "Course Overview" on this page). If you need to look up the SLOs for your course, most are available from the GCC Course Outlines web page.


Step 2. Submit the SLO Assessments

After you have assessed your students, you have two options for submitting course SLOs:

For training on the GCC SLOAC Online Database, ...


What Do I Need to Do to Submit Program PLOs?

For most areas, PLO submission follows the same process as course-level SLO submission. If your area has not developed its own system for assessment program-level PLOs, then follow the steps below:


Step 1. Find the PLO Definition for Your Program(s)

Click here for a listing of PLO definition documents that have been submitted through Research & Planning (the old system). Log onto the GCC SLOAC Online Database to access PLO definitions on the new system.

Step 2. Analyze Course-Level SLO Assessments That Are Mapped to the PLO

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