Governance Committee Minutes

Minutes posted here have been reviewed by the respective standing committee.


All governance committees report to the Campus Executive Committee (Admin. Reg. 2511).

Campus Executive *
Campus Computer Coordinating 
Enrollment Management 
Equal Employment Opportunity 
Governance Review 
Release Time/Extra Pay 
Staff Development 
Web Oversight 

Institutional Planning Coordination *
Master Planning - Team A
Program Review 

Academic Affairs *
Academic Calendar 
Baja Program 
Basic Skills 
Graduation Requirements 
Library & Information Competency 
Scholars Program 
Study Abroad 

Student Affairs *
International Students 
Noncredit Student Success & Support Program 
Service Learning 
Student Fees & Tuition 
Student Success & Support Program 
Technology Mediated Services 

Administrative Affairs *
Campus Development 
Environmental Affairs 

* indicates a Standing committee

GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE The governance structure at Glendale College organizes the decision-making process between several standing committees and their subcommittees.

The subcommittees report to one of the following standing committees:

  • Campus Executive
  • Institutional Planning Coordination 
  • Academic Affairs
  • Administrative Affairs
  • Student Affairs

The Campus Executive Committee, chaired by the Superintendent/President, is responsible for final review and recommendations which are then carried forward to the Board of Trustees by the Superintendent/President.

The standing committees, as listed above, develop and formulate the plans, policies and procedures for their respective areas of the college and forward, via meeting minutes, these recommendations to Campus Executive for final disposition.

Subcommittees report to, and may be assigned tasks by, their standing committee.  Each governance committee has a mission statement.

All members of the campus community are encouraged to bring issues forward to the appropriate subcommittee for discussion and recommendation to the appropriate standing committee.

Reference: Administrative Regulation 2511, the Governance Document

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